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Supermarket lighting design understanding
Industry Dynamics | Jul 21 2023

Supermarket lighting design understanding

After 2002, supermarkets mostly appeared in the form of hypermarkets, which are more reflected in the goods. Whichever store has more and better sources of goods and rich product SKUs will attract more consumers to go shopping. The area is also tens of thousands of square meters. Consumers like to buy more things at one time, and the display form of the store is often full of bright white lights. After 2004, more and more medium-sized boutique supermarkets began to appear. These supermarkets began to differentiate in the selection of products, and paid more attention to the decoration of the store. The overall lighting did not change much, and it was more reflected in the decoration of the ceiling. , the light color is still dominated by the bright tube type. With the sweeping of the new retail wave, since 2008, boutique supermarkets have begun to expand in a larger area, and small-format supermarkets have emerged, and more personalized supermarkets have begun to transform from the original goods-market-people logic Based on the logic of being people-market-goods, consumers pay more attention to the social experience behind the products, value recognition and sense of participation, and shopping experience, so there has been a model innovation around big data, and they have begun to transform into people-oriented, thinking about how to transform supermarkets to Satisfy the consumer experience and bring scene-based consumption. For example, changes in the habits of consumer groups, demands for convenient shopping, consumers' pursuit of health, and consumption upgrades have all proposed a direction for physical supermarkets, that is, store-oriented supermarkets.


Judging from some actual cases in China, there are Hema Xiansheng’s attempt of retail + catering model, Meituan, Feiniu, Zhangyu, Alibaba’s unmanned supermarket, etc., and Amazon’s black technology unmanned supermarket in foreign countries. mode try. From the perspective of lighting design to understand the various innovations of new retail, we believe that new retail companies are retail companies that have a shopping experience with the main characteristic of "I". Lighting design needs to assist retail companies to express this unique "I" quality. For example, the more representative Hema Xiansheng, Three Squirrels, Yonghui, Haiwuhui, Pangdonglai, etc., from the moving line planning of the store to the space design, to the display of props, to the design of lighting and vision, all have unique features. The qualities of the space-themed "I".




From the perspective of lighting visual design, we believe that the lighting vision of the store is the best teacher of the new retail space. Starting from the idea of supermarket operation and centering on operational efficiency, the three elements we are most concerned about are the rate of customers entering the store, the rate of stay in the store and the rate of purchase. From the dimension of lighting vision, how to attract customers in terms of the rate of entering the store? Is the lighting lacking a theme? Which one is more themed, the traditional expensive ceiling shape or lighting? In terms of retention rate, how to create a comfortable shopping environment? Is the lighting data design reasonable? Is the glare of the lamp serious? In terms of purchase rate, how to better represent the product? Is the choice of space light color reasonable? Is the product color reproduction good?


For the supermarket system, we have designed a professional lighting design system, with a few simple examples to illustrate:

1. The end of the space is often a point ignored by the store. Customers pass by but will not pass by. Products at the end or dead corners are often unfavorable, which weakens sales. As a phototaxis, we can guide them appropriately through lighting techniques .


2.The length of time consumers stay in the store often determines the sales data. Just imagine, do we prefer to stay longer in the coffee shop or in the well-lit warehouse? Excluding functional factors, in fact, lighting effects will also bring people different emotional feelings, so the key lighting in the store has also emerged as the times require.


3. Sunlight has always been followed by artificial light sources. If sunlight can get a color rendering index of 100 points, then the current concept of full spectrum can get a score of more than 97 points. For different products in the store, we always hope that it can be displayed in front of consumers in the most authentic way, instead of being exposed or deviating from the original color. For this reason, we specially designed a series of special light colors such as vegetable color, fruit color, fresh meat color, ice fresh color, etc., to restore its original appearance as close as possible to the solar spectrum.


   For more actual supermarket lighting cases, please continue to pay attention to the next article.

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