LED Ultra-thin Magnetic Track

Ultra-thin Magnetic Track System includes Ultra-thin Magnetic Track,Ultra-thin Magnetic Grille Light,Ultra-thin Magnetic Floodlight,Ultra-thin Magnetic Suspension Light,Ultra-thin magnetic track light, Track Light,Downlight,Spotlight etc. The Features include: (1) Track thin as invisible (6mm thickness track,Stronger conductivity, Low resistance, Low heat generation, High stability) . (2) Various Lamps can be matched at will. (3) Installation is simpler and more convenient.

Ultra-thin Magnetic Track System

LED Ultra-thin Magnetic Track Light System is the Full Range of specifications. It has the advantages of ultra-thin(Track thin as invisible(6mm)), easy to install, a variety of lamps to choose from, and freely to move.Hidden effect with 6mm thickness track.The position of lights can be altered freely without ceiling construction,The track can be installed with any desired length directly Track splicing can be extended and rotate and extendable up to 30 meters.

Ultra-thin Magnetic Track

LED Ultra-thin Magnetic Track
6mm ultra-thin magnetic track
Ceiling can be installed without slotting
Not affected by ceiling height
Suitable for various styles of decoration

Ultra-thin Magnetic Track

6mm ultra-thin magnetic track——Installation Method
It is extremely simple to install and more reliable in safety.

There are 4 track installation methods to choose from:

There are: Ultra-thin Surface Mounted,Ultra-thin Critique,Embedded Hidden,Hoisting.

Ultra-thin Magnetic Track

6mm ultra-thin magnetic track——Multiple Connectors
In Three-dimensional Space, Flexible and Free Splicing,Seamless connectiong. There are L vertical splice,one-line stitching,L horizontal splicing pieces,T-shaped splicing pieces,cross stitching.

Ultra-thin Magnetic Track power supply

6mm ultra-thin magnetic track——Electrical Connection
The New Upgrade, Special wire storage box for ultra-thin magnetic track system, so that the wires are no longer exposed, and the whole is more beautiful.there are Integrated power supply and Storage box.

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