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Anti-Glare COB LED Track Light——TA Series

Anti-Glare COB LED Track Light——TA Series

TA track light series has the following characteristics: 1. The whole series of products include different power (10W-35W), which can adapt to space lighting of different heights. 2. The optical configuration can be selected, the beam angle can be from 8 degrees to 36 degrees, which can adapt to different spot requirements. 3. For different products and application scenarios, there are different color temperatures to choose from. In addition to the conventional color temperature (2700K-6000K), it also includes special light colors for products, such as vegetable colors, fruit colors, fresh meat colors, etc. 4.Efficient COB light source, the luminous efficiency is higher than 90lm/w, the CRI is higher than 90Ra, and the double 90 standard still has a very competitive price 5.Efficient heat dissipation aluminum, making the service life of the lamp more than 20,000 hours
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