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Truck Linear Lighting System

Truck Linear Lighting System

Trunk Linear System —— modular family Linear Light Style:Two optional Dimming:0-10V,DALI Seamless connection Track Rail Module——1.The third party equipment is connected into the system as the electric connector of the track spot light,which can provide power and installation position,and reduce the overhead installation cost of the thrid party equipment;2.Maintain the unity of the whole system-one,make the whole space effect neat and beautiful. Blind cover module——When the cascading track splicing does not follow the installation of the lamp body,the corresponding track line slot is closed by using a dummy lamp(blank cover)to prevent the cable from leaking out,so that the overall lighting system is neat and tidy. Other Module also includes: Sensor Module(Daylight﹠Microwave) / Svcket Module / Escape Sign / Accessories(L/T/X node connector,feed in box,end cap,conduit)
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